CaRGOS Portal Activation – Sending data from management software

An important news, activation of the CaRGOS Portal for all short-term rental companies

What is the CaRGOS platform?

The Ca.R.G.O.S. is the vehicle rental service that allows you to send driver data to the State Police. This service is mandatory for all vehicle rental companies in Italy, in order to guarantee safety on the roads and prevent crimes such as Terrorism.

How does the CaRGOS Activation Service work?

The Ca.R.G.O.S. service it works like this: once the driver has rented a car, the renter sends the driver’s data to the State Police. This data includes the driver’s name, address, date of birth, driver’s license number and identification document.

In this way, the State Police can immediately verify the validity of the driver’s driving license and check if there are any safety or criminal problems. This ensures safety on the roads and prevents drivers without a license or with a criminal record from driving a vehicle for the purpose of terrorism.

Advantages of the CaRGOS portal service

The CaRGOS portal activation service offers numerous advantages for vehicle renters and the State Police. Car renters can avoid taking on the risk of renting a car to drivers without a license or with a criminal record, ensuring greater safety on the roads.

The State Police, on the other hand, can immediately verify the validity of a driver’s driving license and prevent driving without a license or with a criminal record. This makes the roads safer for all citizens and reduces the number of road accidents.

In conclusion, the Ca.R.G.O.S. service it is an important tool for ensuring safety on the roads and preventing crimes. This service is mandatory for all car rental companies in Italy and allows you to send drivers’ data to the State Police to verify the validity of their driving license and prevent driving without a license or with a criminal record.

New decree for renters and the activation of the CaRGOS platform

Starting from October 3, 2022, according to the ART article. 17 of the LAW DECREE 4 OCTOBER 2018,
No. 113, short-term rental contracts must be forwarded to the Police. This decree currently only concerns short-term rentals.

From the mandatory communication, the following categories of vehicles with less than 4 wheels are excluded:

  • Bicycles
  • Scooters
  • Mopeds
  • Motorcycles
  • All vehicles supplied by car repair companies, loaned for free use (the so-called “Courtesy Cars”)

What does the new decree consist of?

The following data will be transmitted to the State Police:

  • Unique Contract Identifier
  • Contract Stipulation Date
  • Payment type Contract
  • Rental Vehicle Collection Date
  • Rental Vehicle Pick-up Location
  • Rental Vehicle Pick-up Address
  • Rental Vehicle Delivery Date
  • Rental Vehicle Delivery Location
  • Rental Vehicle Delivery Address
  • Terminal Operator Identifier
  • Unique identifier of the rental agency
  • Name Rental agency
  • Rental Agency Location
  • Rental agency address
  • Rental agency telephone number
  • Type of Vehicle Rented
  • Brand of rented vehicle
  • Rental Vehicle Model
  • Rental Vehicle License Plate
  • Rental Vehicle Color
  • GPS Presence of Rental Vehicle
  • Presence of engine block in rented vehicle
  • Contractor Surname (Driver 1)
  • Contractor Name (Driver 1)
  • Contractor Date of Birth (Driver 1)
  • Place of Birth Contractor ( Driver 1 )
  • Contracting Citizenship (Driver 1)
  • Location Contractor Residence (Driver 1)
  • Address of Contractor’s Residence (Driver 1)
  • Contractor Identity Document Type (Driver 1)
  • Contractor Identity Document Number (Driver 1)
  • Place of issue of identity document (Driver 1)
  • Contractor Driving License Number (Driver 1)
  • Place of issue of driving license (Driver 1)
  • Telephone Number ( Driver 1 )
  • Second Driver Surname (Driver 2)
  • Name of Second Driver ( Driver 2 )
  • Date of Birth Second Driver (Driver 2)
  • Place of Birth Second Driver ( Driver 2 )
  • Second Driver Citizenship (Driver 2)
  • Second Identity Document Type (Driver 2)
  • Second Driver Identity Document Number (Driver 2)
  • Place of issue of the second driver’s identity document (Driver 2)
  • Second Driver’s Driving License Number (Driver 2)
  • Place of Issue of Driving License Second Driver (Driver 2)
  • Telephone Number ( Driver 2 )

Where to apply for activation on the Ca.R.G.O.S. platform

In order to send the requested data, the car rental company must request a qualification (CaRGOS portal activation) from the State Police at the competent provincial police station. The telephone numbers and PEC email are available at this link, each competent police station has its contact details divided by reference province.

Documents to attach to the application are:

  1. Recent chamber of commerce inspection
  2. Valid identification document Administrator/Owner of the business
  3. Scia / Driverless vehicle rental business license

If the rental company has several offices in the area, it will have to take care of
transmit for all connected agencies.

Automatic data transmission to CaRGOS with Powerental

As of October 3rd, Powerental has started working to be able to collect the data requested by
CaRGOS Now it is possible to transmit rental contracts directly in a way
automated, at the exact moment the contract is created, through the app. In any case, you can choose whether to subscribe to the Powerentalapp automated subscription service or manually enter the data (about 46 fields) in the Ca.R.G.O.S. portal. at no cost.

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